SF Beekeepers Association
Nov 17, 2021 6:15 PM
Club Meeting: Marc Johnson
SF Beekeepers Association
Keeping bees in the City. Crazy?
When most people think of bee colonies, they think of farms, rural areas and an abundance of space and plants for bees to gather food. But with the latest trend in beekeeping we see increasing numbers of both beekeepers and green spaces in cities and suburbs.

But beekeeping in urban areas can cause anxiety for city dwellers. Mostly because of myths and misconceptions.

This short presentation will provide an introduction to honey bees, talk about the benefits of having bees all around us, dispel some common myths and answer questions about how bees and humans can co-exist in the City. We'll discuss what it takes to be a beekeeper in an urban area and also talk about the importance of bees and some practical information about honey.

Marc Johnson is a member of the San Francisco Beekeepers Association, has been keeping bees for about eight years, is part of the swarm catching team in the City and teaches bee classes at Garden for the Environment and more.