Conscientious Objectors
Feb 10, 2021 6:30 PM
Virtual Meeting: Pat Coyle
Conscientious Objectors

Pat is a registered Mechanical and Professional Engineer, retired from a 32 year career as a project engineer and program manager at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. 

Pat has been a member of Engineers Without Borders-USA and EWB-San Francisco Professionals (EWB-USA/EWB-SFP) since 2005. He served as Co-President of the West Coast Region, on the West Coast and Domestic Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), as Advisory Review Committee (ARC) Team Leader, on the EWB-USA Service Corps and as Lead for the EWB-SFP Appropriate Technology Design Team (ATDT). In August 2014, he participated in completion of 14 more EWB-SFP ATDT composting toilets in Nicaragua, another 87 in four communities in 2017, with Rotary Global Grant (GG) and EWB funding, and have another approved GG to do around 80 more in seven 
in seven communities in Nicaragua. As Co-Project Manager for El Llanito Nicaragua Water Supply project, we are nearing completion of a project serving over 300 households and 1100 people.  

He’s presented workshops and poster sessions at several EWB-USA Regional and International Conferences on Simple, Inexpensive Aerial Photography Mapping with Balloons or Kites and on Composting Toilets. 

In the 1970s, Pat worked as Field Engineer and Operations Manager for development of a 24,000-acre property as cattle ranch, in Belize, Central America. 

In 2006, he founded Belize Open Source - Sustainable Development (BOSSD), a 501(c)(3) non-profit that promotes environmentally and socially sustainable development on a land-based learning and community outreach center and working farm in northwestern Belize, near the village of August Pine Ridge. BOSSD partners with EWB-USA and have fundraised and provided funds to support four EWB-USA chapters working in northern Belize. As the NGO, worked with the August Pine Ridge village council to prepare an EWB project application for the August Pine Ridge - Community Improvement Program. Resulted in EWB-Cleveland State and the community completion of a new hurricane shelter/classroom building in August Pine Ridge.