Good Vision Glasses: Establishing optical care for everyone
Oct 20, 2021 6:30 PM
Virtual Meeting: Jennifer Hyde
Good Vision Glasses: Establishing optical care for everyone

Jennifer Hyde was inspired to change careers and move from the environmental field to international public health/eye care by observing the discard of used but functional eyeglasses in the US.  Jennifer had been a Peace Corps volunteer in the Congo in the 1980’s where she observed the lack of access to vision correction and eye health care and huge disparities in global health care access.

Jennifer received a BS from Bates College in Environmental Studies and a MCP (Masters in City Planning) from M.I.T.   She received a degree and license in opticianry in 2017 in order to acquire the technical understanding needed to enter the field of international eye care charity work.

GoodVision USA’s mission is to provide access to eye care and vision correction with eyeglasses to residents of the poorest countries globally.  We utilize a sustainable business model providing not only eye care services and eyeglasses, but also local employment opportunities.  GoodVision’s first project is in Liberia where in the beginning of 2021 we trained 20 GoodVision technicians.