The Needle Walk was a huge success.  Check out the video! We had Rotarians from 8 different Rotary clubs there to help clean up the streets of San Francisco.  The Dept of Public Works gave us the supplies needed for the cleanup and off we went walking the streets of SOMA near Tehama Street.  
From Joe Adkins, President-Elect of the Castro Rotary Club. "Last February, our club had a visioning session where we spent 4 or 5 hours talking about everything we want our club to be, and do. Only a few months prior, in December, Mayor Ed Lee unexpectedly passed away. By February, 8 candidates had entered the race.  I envisioned our club being one of service, first and foremost, and also a club that was recognized by city leaders. I am also quite passionate about homelessness. So, at the visioning session I thought "why not combine service, homelessness, and city leaders by inviting folks to do the cleanup work with us?" We invited all 8 candidates for mayor, and both candidates for District 8 Supervisor. Of those 10, four candidates joined us for an hour in Dolores park. During each candidate's hour, I asked them a series of questions about homelessness, and how they would try to solve this huge problem if they were elected. 
For this year's walk, we are moving to a different location. I've talked to the director of the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services, and he gave me a stretch of about three blocks where the city has received a large number of complaints about needles. Mayor Breed was very interested in joining us. She wanted to join us last year, but couldn't due to scheduling conflicts. Unfortunately, yesterday I was notified by the Mayor's office that she has scheduling conflicts for this year's walk as well. I've invited District 6 Supervisor Matt Haney (our route is in district 6), and I think that he will be joining us."